We are Tirage Machine company

After studies and researches on the machine manufacturing companies in leading countries in this industry to choose the best, Tierage Machine Company proudly presents the best of machine tools, loaders, graders and rollers. Now with the expertise of in-house and foreign experts utilizing high management and technical know-how and supplying equipment, Tirage machine has assembled and provided a powerful suite to hopefully satisfy clients and customers.

Reasons for our distinction

  • High performance compared to other high-end machines in the country, powerful and durable.
  • User-friendly, ease of repair, abundance of spare parts.
  • Post-sale services for 2 years.
  • Proper price and quality.
  • 2000 hours warranty on spare parts supply is guarantied.

Company Vision

Market leader in the field of heavy machinery with a focus on the three principles of quality, service and price and achieving the desired level of capability in domestic production.


Organizational values

  • Respect for customers’ rights.
  • Knowledge management, creativity and innovation.
  • Pay attention to quality and continuous improvement.
  • Protecting the interests of stakeholders.
  • Respect for human resources and mutual respect.
  • Social responsibilities.
  • Attention to specialization.
  • Commitment and loyalty (employees, customers, stakeholders).
  • Pay attention to meritocracy.
  • Institutionalizing the beliefs of the organization.

The mission of the organization

  • Activity in the field of import, production and sale of various types of heavy construction and mining machinery in the Iranian market and countries in the region based on specialization.
  • The quality of modern products and technology according to the principle of continuous learning and technical-managerial competencies in addition to relying on the agility of the organization.
  • Well-known brand and effective after-sales service in order to create value for customers.
  • Ensuring the comfort and well-being of employees and the long-term profitability of stakeholders.

Our long-term goals

  • Market :
    Sustainable growth and gaining significant market share
  • Stakeholders:
    Profitability of stakeholders and shareholders
  • Staff:
    Training, comfort and improving the productivity of human resources
  • Customer:
    Focus on service quality with high satisfaction index “Competitive Advantage”
  • Production:
    Achieve nominal production capacity with appropriate commercial quality