Due to the development and increasing number of construction projects in the country, training of manpower and technical staff is of special importance. Mashhad has established and launched, which has a capacity of 320 students, 1500 meters of classroom space and 3000 meters of practical and laboratory courses.

Teaching disciplines include: Heavy machinery of road construction in the field: Fuel engine mechanics, hydraulics and electricity and electronics. In the field of road construction, four majors are taught: road mapping, asphalt, concrete, concrete and metal bridges. Short-term and long-term candidates receive a technical competency certificate from a professional technical organization, a post-diploma, and in some fields a bachelor’s degree from a comprehensive university of applied sciences.

Now, Tirage Machine Company has gathered and provided a set of capabilities by utilizing high managerial capacity, technical and professional knowledge, having experienced domestic and foreign experts, providing equipment, and we hope that with God’s help and assistance, we can satisfy buyers and customers. Get the desired syntax.

  • Education:
  • Holding short-term and long-term training courses from the beginning of the Tirage Machine company.
  • Construction of a building with an area of 1500 square meters in the technical and professional center number one in Mashhad.
  • Possibility to use an audio-visual class, 8 classrooms, educational and three office rooms.
  • Possibility of using workshops for engine, gearbox, electrical circuit, hydraulic circuit and metal working.
  • Preparation of training CDs of all technical and specialized information in the form of booklets containing work instructions.
  • Attracting scholars and students with the joint cooperation of technical and vocational training centers in Mashhad.